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December Recap and Walk-Up Winner!

With a “feels like” of -5 degrees, it was as much of a feat for faithful Here Chicagoans to venture out into the night, as it was a treat to be with them. Dinner was generous and beautiful, and the stories were harrowing, heart-breaking, and hope-inspiring. We look for themes in each month’s show AFTER the party is over, and at first glance, this month seemed full of difficult experiences. From near-death in a desert and in a hospital, to being trapped in the center of an angry mob, to being confronted with an unwanted body part on a bus in the night, to loosing a loved one and a childhood home, to losing childhood innocence, to losing bowel control, to losing hope for life… there was heavy content being explored! And through all that, there was also something else. Determination, the power of being an ally, passage into new stages of life, redemption, persistent hope, resilient joy, and discovery of purpose. If you missed us live, the podcast is being worked on presently, and will be posted soon.

It was nice to be back with all of you. Thank you for making this event the special thing that it is. All that matters here is you bringing good things to share with each other. That’s what we come for.

The teller that our audience selected to invite back as a feature and hear another story from next time is Matt Fleming! Congratulations, Matt. We eagerly await your return.

Here are the beauties who graced our stage last night:



























































Susan Haarman, Frank Bergh, Matt Fleming, Lena Anani, Ian TheVedge, Peter Kim, Byron Roussin, Stephanie Douglass and Margeaux Temeltas all told riveting and rousing stories. Our thanks to you each.

The food last night was gorgeous, too. Deep thanks to everyone who brought dishes made with such care and craft!





We had yet another lovely thing happen last night, which was that Visual Artist and Performer Allie Shapiro was drawing with us! Images of her work, inspired by the show, will be shared here in the months to come, along, perhaps, with the work of other visual artists! If you are, or know of, someone who would enjoy working toward an exhibition inspired by our live shows, drop us a line! admin@herechicago.org


You can see more of her wonderful work at her website, or on Instagram @selfportraits365.






Our great thanks to Eric Stassen for donating his photographic talents to the project. All of the photos above are to his credit, and if you’d like to know more, you can view his work on Flickr, or contact him at ericstassen@yahoo.com.

Remember to check back for the podcast! We’ll have it up as soon as it’s in our hot little hands.

Dates for upcoming shows will be posted on this website as soon as we have them. :)

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