Past Featured Tellers

To see current features for upcoming shows, click on the “Home” tab. On this page you can see people who have featured with us in the past. In addition to featuring solo performers, storytellers and stand-up comedians, these people are teachers, writers, doctors, artists, ministers, cab drivers, financial advisors, students, art curators, farmers, political strategists, musicians, hackers, CEOs, activists, scientists, community builders, and more…
Aaron Carter
Abigail Vic
Abraham Mellish
The Album
Alyson Lyon
Amanda Rountree
Andi Nelson
Andrew Marikis
Angela Benander
Angela (Angie-O) Oliver
Angela Vela
Angelina PIzzi
Angelique Nelson
Anthony Oberbeck
Arlene Malinowski
Ashwin Chugh
Audrey Flegel
Barrie Cole
Bill Larkin
Bobby Biedrzycki
Bonnie McDonald
Brian Posen
Bryan Bowden
Byron Roussin
Caitlin Bergh
Cameron Esposito
Carly Oishi
Carol Jungman
Chris Bower
Christie Chamberlin
Christopher Gatsby
Christie Grace
Rev. Dr. Clare Butterfield
Clarence Browley
Clay Neigher
Cody Cranch
Corey OBrien
Dana Norris
Danny Black
Darren Stephens
Dave Jennings
Dave Stinton
David J Boyd
David Boyle
David W. Berner,
Deanna Moffit
Debbi Welch
Don Hall
Emanuel Vinson (Plus Sign)
Eric Bjorlin
Eric May
Erin Diamond
Erin Johnson
Erin Kahoa
Esperanza Gama
Ever Mainard
EZ (Emilla Parr & Zack Apman)
Faraz Hussain
Frank Bergh
Frank R Sjodin
Harry Gottlieb
Ian Belknap
Irv Levinson
Jack Thurston Farrell
Jamilla Woods
Janet Burroway
Jason Economus
Jeff Gandy
JEFFREY JEFFRIES (Jeff Rukes and Jared Jeffries)
Jen Bosworth
Jennifer Burns
Jen Ellison
Jen Spyra
Jesse Bob
Jessica Smith Soto
Jet Eveleth
JH Palmer
Joe Janes
John Thibodeaux
Josh Berling
Joshua Safford
Julia McDonald
Julie Meckler
J.W. Basilo
Karli Johnson
Kat Barker
Katie Liesener
Kay Joe Unscripted
Keith Ecker
Kelli Honeysweet
Kelsie Huff
Kevin D’Ambrosio
Kim Morris
Ladan Osman
Laura Elayne Miller
Lawrence “Binkey” Tolefree
Lily BE
Lisa Scott
Lissette Hall
Marivi Ortiz-Shoda
Mark Toland
Mary Fons
Mary Zemaitis
Marty McConnell
Marty Schousboe

Mathew Stella
Matthew Williamson
Melissa Duprey
Megan Stielstra
Fr. Michael Shanahan
Michele Weldon
Mike Holman
Monte LaMonte
Morgan Lord
MT Cozzola
Natasha Tsoutsouris
Nate Parkes
Nick Johne
Nick Tramdack
Nico Lang
Nnamdi Ngwe
Norm Holly
Owen Kalt
Paul Teodo
Paulette McDaniels
Polly Yukevich
Puppet Bike
Rahmaan Statik Barnes
Ranjit Souri
Ray Teresi
Reggie Eldridge
Ric Walker
River Rising (Megan Deiger & Tim Hazen)
Robbie Q. Telfer
Robert Brown
Roger Bonair-Agard
Rohina Malik
Ron Sattar
Ruth Kaufman
Samantha Irby
Sarah Michael Hollenbeck
Sarah Scoles
Sarah Weidmann
Saya Hillman
Scott Whitehair
Shannon Cason
Stephanie Douglass
Stephanie McCullough
Susan Messing
Tamale Sepp
Tara Defrancisco
Ted C. Fishman
Tim Stafford
Tim Witting
Tom Wolferman
Tyler Greene
Valentine Soposky
Vernon Mina
Wolfgang Stein
Xavier Retana

If you’d like to feature with Here, Chicago, please contact with information about your life and work, and any relevant links. We generally only feature people we have met or spoken with, but this can be arranged.

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