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December Recap and Walk-Up Winner!

It was so, so good. Warm thanks to everyone who came to take the stage and listen to stories and share food with each other, and even witness Stephanie’s and my gleefully absurd opening shenanigans. (Here Chicago tries to keep things playful and surprising for our audiences, but this was the first time I’ve ever opened a storytelling show with an improvised interpretive dance to Florence and the Machine. I’m not quite sure how it came across, but I hope some of the fun we had was contagious.) We loved being with you all, and we are excited to announce that your Audience Favorite storyteller of the night was Sir Clarence Browley! We are completely thrilled to know that he will be returning to feature with us in February. We have not been given our dates yet for 2018, but as always, we will post them here when they arrive.

In the meantime, please be as astonished as I am by the photo essay created for us by Victor Gerasimovski. I always love the beautiful photos that our volunteer photographers generously donate to us. BUT LISTEN. I never expected anything like this. His series is a tribute to the magic that takes place there. He saw the beauty that I see in ALL of it. In all of us. In all the little details that make the night wonderful. I’m including the full series here instead of just a few select shots, in hopes that you will enjoy his work. You can find him on Instagram at: v_as_victor and contact him by e-mail at viktorinox2004@yahoo.co.uk.




























































































































































































Thanks again, Victor Gerasimovski. And thank you all for contributing and participating in this beautiful night. Thanks to our storytellers Archy Jamjun, Ian Belknap, Eboni Sampson, Alana Holt, Clarence Browley, Colin Tysoe, Nancy Mosinski, Eric Stassen and Svetlana Binshtok. They were wonderful. Thanks to every single person who brought a lovingly prepared dish for the potluck! And thanks to our crew of heartfull volunteers Lauren Yarborough, Nan Sack, Gary Gushulak and Matt Flemming. Special thanks to Stephanie Douglass for modern-dancing over a couch with me, and being the best fill-in co-host a girl could have. We all look forward to seeing you again in February, and will post dates here as soon as we have them.

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